one-n-donewell-stimulation-pump-SS1000Trusted Design, Southern Approved.

About Southern

Southern Stimulation Technologies is the oilfield’s trusted source for all pressure pumping needs – reliable pumping solutions guaranteed. Standing behind our customer needs and product performance like no other company has dared to before, Southern Stimulation Technologies’ well service pumps and equipment are manufactured to exceed performance standards. Our 600 and 1000 well service pumps are designed for high-pressure environment applications including cementing, acidizing, coil tubing and general pump applications. Having the longest stroke on the market today, Southern Stimulation Technologies’ pumps are 30% more efficient and have a lower total cost of ownership compared to the competition.

Our SS-600 Triplex is a long proven well service pump designed to exceed your requirements in any application – cementing, acidizing, snubbing, and well stimulation. With an industry leading 8” stroke and 8:1 gear ratio the SS-600 is 30% more efficient than the competition while reducing downtime and completing the job without maximizing the standard duty cycle.

With a smaller footprint than quintuplex pumps, the well-proven SS-1000 Triplex pump provides increased performance over competitors in the same class. With an 8-inch stroke and 6.667:1 gear ratio you can achieve operating requirements with only three cylinders as opposed to the industry standard of five. The SS-1000 comes standard with Stainless Steel Fluid Ends and patented One-N-Done Technology giving you all the benefits of several plunger sizes in one simple package.


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